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Drupal ?

Drupal is a free, open source platform for building websites and software applications, developed by worldwide community and used by over a million websites, from personal blogs to some of the largest sites on the web.

Why Drupal?

  • Drupal is content management platform.

    Drupal lets you easily publish and manage all kinds of content on your website : static and dynamic pages, images, podcasts, videos, calendars and events, polls, wikis, forums, etc. Fine-grained permission system gives you full control over different types of users and their access to content types on your site.

  • Drupal is framework.

    Drupal provides flexible web development framework, able to accommodate almost any business, community or personal need. Built in PHP, it supports various server and database technologies, such as Linux and Apache, Windows and IIS, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more.

  • Drupal is community.

    Drupal is build and supported by large and active community of people from all over the world, who collaborate not only online but on various community events - semi-annual Drupalcon conference and smaller events held around the globe.

  • Drupal is extensible.

    Thousands of modules and design themes are available for Drupal, allowing you to build any kind of website. Just like Drupal itself, they are completely free. Drupal's extensible nature allows you to write custom modules/themes for any specific functionality/design you may need.

  • Drupal is secure.

    Drupal has dedicated security team of professionals, who are constantly working on Drupal's code being up-to-date and protected against security threats.

  • Drupal is open source.

    It is released under the GNU Public License and is completely free to download, use and modify. You don't need to pay any purchase, license or maintenance fees.

Where Drupal is used?


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Drupal powers websites for elementary schools, high schools, community colleges and universities all over the world. Including Harvard, MIT, Caltech and many other.


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Non-profity organizations worldwide recognize the benefits of Drupal, including Amnesty International, Greenpeace, World Food Programme and many more.


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Publishers around the world use Drupal to deliver their content to millions of readers every day, including The Economist, Bicycling, Popular Science.


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Drupal powers websites of thousands of artists, tv networks, radio stations, entertainment and other media-heavy websites, including Grammy, MTV, Al Jazeera.


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Drupal is used by governments in 130 countries, including US Whitehouse, French government, Belgian prime-minister.


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Businesses all over the world choose Drupal for their corporate and other websites, including Estee Lauder, Tesla Motors, Societe Generale.

How can I find out more?


Connect with community: on Irc, Drupal Groups site, Drupal forums, Mailing lists.

Check out Marketplace to find companies and individuals that provide Drupal-related services.